If you operate a business, at some point, regardless of your best efforts, your business is likely to become involved in a legal dispute. Some disputes are serious enough that the survival of your business can depend on the outcome. To make sure your business successfully protects its rights and interests throughout the dispute process, your business needs a capable, experienced and knowledgeable business dispute lawyer to help you and your business obtain the best possible resolution of these complex business disputes.

Attorneys at the firm of Derryberry Zips Wade Lawhorn have over 60 years of collective experience representing businesses with skillfulness and aggressiveness in nearly every type of dispute imaginable. We represent small to mid-size businesses and corporations that have been harmed or caused to sustain a loss in their business operations by others as a result of fraud, unfair trade and competition practices, interference with and breaches of contract, and all other manners of “business torts”. We particularly like taking on big corporations whose greedy actions have hurt our clients’ balance sheets. The firm’s singular goal is to guide its clients through the judicial process and maximize the recovery they receive for their injuries arising from the wrongful acts of others. While the focus of our practice is within the state of Texas, our attorneys have experience litigating business disputes throughout the country.

If your business has been victimized and harmed by the actions of other businesses or individuals we can help you with the following:

We know that business owners are in the business of running their companies, not in the “litigation business”. Therefore, we will make every effort to resolve your dispute without the necessity of going to court so that you can get on with the business of running your company without the disruption that occurs when you have a business dispute. However, sometimes it is not possible to resolve business disputes through negotiation. We have the necessary experience to fight for your interests in the courtroom when your dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation.

When your financial well-being is on the line, you need a trial team who presents your case with maximum impact. If you are involved in a commercial law dispute contract dispute attorney, breach of contract attorney, business fraud attorney, or insurance dispute attorney, contact the Texas law offices of Derryberry Zips Wade Lawhorn for a consultation.